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We can record bands or individuals, live or track by track, in our fine-tuned recording room.  All recording is routed through analog pre-amps to digital capture for maximum quality, while retaining a natural warmth.


We can mix your project even if you recorded your tracks at home, or at another studio!  We’ll help you get the professional sound and punch you need to get your listeners attention.


We’ll take your mixed track to the next level sonically – making it ready to release to all platforms.  If mastering a whole album – we’ll make sure all songs flow together in a cohesive way.


We produce audio for recording releases, podcasts, videos and more.  We can edit drum tracks, make your guitars sound huge, perform vocal pitch corrections, drum replacement, and more.

Podcast Production

A properly mixed and mastered podcast will stand far above the amateur competition.  We can help with everything from music production to final podcast mixing.  We can even provide space to record and produce your podcast.


Need help taking your song from a simple idea to a fully fleshed out track?  Let us help produce your song in whatever style you are aiming for.  From in-the-box modern production to session musician recording – we can bring your ideas to life.

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